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Previous Testimonials


I think this is a fantastic website. And I don’t say that because the webmaster is one of my closest friends. It is fun, informative and visual. Although I am HIV-, I have a greater understanding of HIV and how the Courtyard clinic works from reading this website. Everyone should look at it regularly!
Please keep up the good work Wayne. And a big thank you to all the staff at the Courtyard Clinic you are all marvellous and do a great job. Thank you so very much.
~ Ian, Surrey 

12 March 2013

Thank you Wayne for the recent updates, we really appreciate all your time and effort you put into the website.
~ Pat and Eric, London 

21 August 2012

Even more brilliant than usual which is pretty brilliant anyway - well done!!!
~ Bernard Kelly, Tooting 

21 August 2012

Thanks so much for your excellent work and being so quick.
~ Andrew, London 

21 August 2012

"Just looked at the website for the first time in a few months to show a friend who is transferring to the clinic. It's an amazing resource and the 'go to' site for all the info I need. My friend has never seen anything like it at his old clinic! Fab work - thank you!"
~ Andy S, Tooting 

25 June 2012

"Thank you Wayne for your continued enthusiasm and input into this really sets our patient involvement project apart from all others in London."
~ Dr. Mark Pakianathan, Tooting 

1 December 2011

"Well done Wayne, excellent website, keep up the good work."
~ Pat and Eric Simpson, London 

16 June 2011

"Great work. I use the link to the map whenever anyone asks me for directions to the courtyard clinic." 
~ Dr. Philip Hay, Wandsworth 

27 May 2011

"Fantastic website... xx" 
~ HMQ, London 

18 May 2011

"I am so impressed with the website. It's amazing how well thought out it is, it's easy to navigate around and very user friendly. It does so well to keep everyone informed of what's going on, not only in the clinic but with HIV services in general too." 
~ Wayne, South London (hehe)

April 2009