This page displays ways to find your way to the hospital and to the clinic.


Site and travel maps

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Google Maps view of St. George's Hospital

This map is taken from Google maps and shows the location of the hospital, surrounding road names businesses.

Google Maps view of the location of the Courtyard Clinic within St. George's Hospital

This map is taken shows the location of the clinic in the grounds of St. George's Hospital.

Please note:


1. This is a vehicle entrance on Blackshaw Road into the grounds of the hospital and the closest to the clinic. It is suitable if you have a blue disabled badge and need to park within close proximity of the clinic. Disabled badge holders are permitted to park free of charge in designated disabled bays and white marked bays on the perimeter road. If you are only able to park in the car parks provided, there is a facility to take your badge and parking ticket to the security office in the Grosvenor Wing before leaving the hospital.


2. This entrance on Blackshaw Road is for the use of emergency vehicles only.


3. This entrance on Blackshaw Road will lead to the car park. It is operated by a barrier and collecting a parking ticket on entering the car park. There is a pay machine and you pay prior to leaving.