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 SEP  30 THU  

Starting 4 October 2021

THT are providing support for young adults living with HIV who would like help with some life choices regarding a career or some help with developing skills in preparation for an interview. 

 SEP  1 WED  

Starting 4 October 2021

THT are providing another set of online sessions to help those living with HIV develop and build upon existing skills with returning to work. Take a look.

 MAY  27 THU  

Starting 10 June 2021

The gardening group “Seedlings” are growing flowers, fruits and vegetables on the grounds around the clinic. We will organise visits to other gardens too. It is an informal, open group and everyone living with HIV is welcome.

It is free to join and you do not need any previous gardening experience. Come and make new friends, learn new skills and get out into the garden.

If you are interested, please ask a nurse, health adviser or doctor for more info, if you are in the clinic. Or you can contact Virginia Cucchi who will be running the group every second and fourth Thursday of the month – 11:30am to 1pm.

If you would like to go ahead and book your place, then you can email Virginia at

St Georges Trust Covid guidance allows for 6 people maximum at present.

“I am looking forward to learning, sharing, having fun and growing together.”Virginia

 MAY  12 WED  

Changes to medical records kept at the HIV Roehampton Clinic,

Queen Mary’s Hospital


The way the medical records are kept at Queen Mary’s Hospital is changing. All of the patients will be moving from having paper-based files to electronic ones which will be integrated into the wider St George’s Trust medical records system. Such integration ensures that you receive safe, high-quality treatment and care, which is in line with the practice at other London clinics.


This change will mean that if you go to another part of the Trust for a health matter, the staff providing your care will be able to access information about all medical conditions through your hospital record. This change will not affect your right to decide how your information is shared with your GP.


Your NHS health records and your right to confidentiality are protected by UK law. St George’s Hospital has robust information governance policies and procedures, please see here for the latest privacy notice Only staff that are directly involved in your care are allowed to access your hospital medical records.


This change will not affect where you are seen and your care will still be provided at the Roehampton Clinic, Queen Mary’s Hospital, when the site re-opens from 1 June 2021.


This change will not affect patients seen at the Courtyard Clinic, as medical records there have been integrated into the wider Trust system for many years.


If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please call our clinic manager, Bernard Kelly, on 020 8725 3140 before 21 June 2021.


Thank you for bearing with us through this challenging time and we look forward to seeing you back at the Roehampton clinic in the near future.


 APR  29 THU  

Several patients have told us that they have been scammed or are the victims of fraud. If you want to find out how to spot and avoid the latest scams have a look at this website from Age UK. Click or tap on the logo below.

 APR  20 TUE  

Terrence Higgins Trust are running two series of sessions throughout May and June 2021: Life After Lockdown and Work and Skills. These are open to anyone living with HIV throughout the UK. 

Further information about our Living Well events/offer can be found here:


Life After Lockdown sessions for May 2021

During May we'll be running four standalone workshops focusing on life after lockdown. Please free to sign up for all or individual sessions depending on how relevant the topics are to you and your individual circumstances. The sessions will be hosted on Zoom, and have been co-designed by Terrence Higgins Trust's living well services in London and Peer Support Scotland with the focus on participant discussion and peer sharing.


Shifting Stressors

When: Thursday 6 May, 6pm to 7.30pm

Our free and confidential online living well group can help you reflect on the year gone by and plan ahead for the changes that may come as we move out of lockdown. That includes anything new that may cause stress, as well as new opportunities and support mechanisms to respond to stress.Register for this session


Motivation post-lockdown

When: Thursday 13 May, 6pm to 7.30pm

Our free and confidential online living well group can help you to build and maintain motivation to achieve what's important to you, and understand how to create and apply SMART goals to everyday life. Register for this session


Courageous Conversations

When: Thursday 20 May, 6pm to 7.30pm

Our free and confidential online living well group can help you prepare for challenging conversations, develop strategies to overcome the fear of speaking up and explore personal boundaries and assumptions. Register for this session


Overcome Social Anxiety

When: Thursday 27 May, 6pm to 7.30pm

Our free and confidential online living well group can help you explore how we can overcome social anxiety as we head out of lockdown, discussing how we negotiate social opportunities amid ongoing uncertainty. Register for this session


Work and Skills sessions May/June 2021:

The sessions are available to anyone living with HIV who is looking for a safe peer supported space to connect with others and learn about applying for work or volunteering, setting professional goals and planning how to achieve them. The sessions are interactive and include a mixture of information and small group discussions to share ideas and learning. You can sign up to all the sessions or join them individually as needed.


Setting Goals and Planning How to Achieve Them

When: Tuesday 11 May, 6pm – 8pm

In this session we’ll explore our personal goals and aspirations. We’ll look at what opportunities are available to us and what tools we might need to achieve our goals. Register for this session


Understanding and Demonstrating My Skills when Searching for Volunteering or Work

When: Tuesday 18 May, 6pm to 8pm

In this session we'll focus on understanding our key skills and how to demonstrate them in an effective way. We'll look at job adverts, job descriptions and person specifications to guide us in preparing to apply for work or a volunteering role. Register for this session


Writing a Successful CV                   

When: Tuesday 25 May, 6pm to 8pm

In this session we'll look at what makes a successful CV. We'll cover the structure, content, writing style, explaining gaps and other do’s and don’ts to get you noticed for your next opportunity. Register for this session


Writing Successful Job or Volunteer Applications

When: Tuesday 8 June, 6pm to 8pm

In this session we'll look at how to complete great application forms, the do’s and don’ts to get your shortlisted for interview. Register for this session


Preparing for Interviews – Techniques

When: Tuesday 15 June, 6pm to 8pm

In this session we'll look at the do’s and don’ts of preparing for and performing at interviews, including online and group interview situations. Register for this session


Preparing for Interviews – Practice

When: Tuesday 22 June, 6pm – 8pm

In this session we'll look to practice interview techniques with peer mock interviewing and constructive feedback. Register for this session


 APR  20 TUE  

A peer support group for people long-term diagnosed with HIV.


The Before 96 group is primarily for people who were diagnosed before or around 1996, when effective treatment started to be introduced, but all are welcome. Living Well invite a range of speakers and organisations to promote discussion around issues relevant to the group, but they also aim to build a supportive community network.

During the COVID-19 outbreak the group meetings are held online instead of in person.

The group is currently meeting on a monthly basis and here are the following dates:

  • Tueday 9 March at 4pm
  • Tuesday 13 April at 4pm
  • Tuesday 11 May at 4pm
  • Tuesday 8 June at 4pm
  • Tuesday 13 July at 4pm
  • Tuesday 10 August at 4pm
  • Tuesday 14 September at 4pm
  • Tuesday 12 October at 4pm
  • Tuesday 9 November at 4pm
  • Tuesday 14 December at 4pm

Register to attend one of these dates


The meetings use Zoom, which is video conferencing software that you can use to access online meetings for free.


To enquire further, please contact Paul Bray by email on or by phoning 07741 321216.

 APR  20 TUE  

Health and wellbeing coaching sessions are being made available for young Black African persons aged between 10 and 24 years old. Organisations AFRIDAC and BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise Group) recognise that members of the Black African community have been severely affected as a result of the COVID pandemic. Young people are experiencing stress and anxiety owing to prolonged lockdowns. It's hoped that these coaching sessions will help young people understand and manage their emotions and feelings, help them to cope with difficult situations, overcome obstacles and negative self-talk and help them explore their greatest passions and interests and discover their inner self.

For more information please see Eventbrite page. Those on the programme will have sessions with the coach every 2 weeks. Although the initiative is aimed at Black African youths, Black Caribbean young persons can be supported.

 APR  1 THU  

With the reducing levels of Covid-19 in the community we can now resume a more usual service, including pre-appointment bloods.  Please make sure you are wearing a face covering when you attend the clinic. We will be maintaining social distancing in the waiting area so please come alone unless you really need someone to accompany you. 

Most of the booked appointments will be by telephone. However if you would prefer to come in to be seen or we need to see you in person, face to face appointments are available. 


Please call if you have any queries: 020 8725 3140


Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.


Please see below for our new opening times:  


Clinic Opening Times 



08:30 - 17:00

(last appointment / walk in for nurses at 16:45)


08:30 - 17:00

(last appointment / walk in for nurses at 16:45) 


08:30 - 13:00

(last appointment / walk in for nurses at 13:15) 


08:30 - 18:15

(last appointment / walk in for nurses at 18:00) 


08:30 - 16:00

(last appointment / walk in for nurses at 15:45) 






Courtyard Pharmacy

Tel: 020 8725 1803



Opening Times



9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm


9am - 1pm


9am - 6.30pm


9am - 4pm*


*There is a reduced pharmacy service on Friday afternoons therefore wait times may be longer.


Prescriptions can only be collected when the pharmacy is open.


Outside of these hours, we cannot guarantee that pharmacy staff will be available to help.

 APR  1 THU  

THT's free and confidential online living well group can help you build confidence to tackle stigma – whatever stigma means to you.
Whether you’ve been living with HIV for a number of years, or are more recently diagnosed, over three sessions, you will build a toolkit to understand and address HIV stigma, build your confidence and self-esteem, and build resilience for the future. Click here to register.


 MAR  16 TUE  

As many of you will be aware, people living with HIV are now considered a priority group for Covid-19 vaccinations. By now you should have already been offered a COVID vaccine via your GP, workplace or the St George’s Vaccination Clinic. 

If you have not yet been contacted regarding the vaccine and would like to have it, please contact us on:

020 8725 3140

The vaccine available here at St. George’s is the Oxford AstraZeneca and you will normally be offered your second appointment at the time of booking your first.

 MAR  16 TUE  



On Thursday 18th February 2021, I started a new exciting project which offers specialised yoga sessions for chemsex users. The project is called: "Breathing Space Yoga: yoga for men who struggle with chems'

This yoga class is designed for and dedicated to gay men who: 

- struggle with their chems intake

- want to get their chems use under control or stop using altogether

- stopped using, and wish to get back to having sober sex

- are somewhere in between the stages listed above, want to get to know themselves and their bodies a bit better

The sessions are packaged into a nine week-long sequence that goes on rotation from week to week. Each week is organised around a specific theme, which I believe everyone in attendance will find useful, informative and engaging. I based the sequence on my own experiences as a chemsex user, and I believe these classes are a great resource to men who feel particularly disconnected from their own bodies.


Tap on the image above for more information.


Adam Schultz


Terrence Higgins Trust have a series of work and skills webinars available to anyone anywhere in the UK who is living with HIV.


Information about this can be found by clicking/tapping on the THT logo.


For further information about Covid–19, click/tap the NHS logo. 



For further information about HIV and Covid-19, click/tap the i-base logo.



There is no evidence to suggest that people with well controlled HIV should shield. The British HIV Association and the Terence Higgins Trust guidance is that only people with a CD4 count less than 50 or those who have had a recent opportunistic illness need to shield.


BHIVAMore information is on their website simply click/tap on the logo here.


More information about Coronavirus and shielding can be found here: 

GOV.UK - Guidance on shielding  

GOV.UK - Coronavirus


For latest HIV news click/tap the aidsmap logo.




Data on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in people with HIV is limited, but based on their safety profiles to date, and the nature of the vaccines, there is no reason for additional concern. People with HIV can produce weaker responses to some vaccines; we do not yet know if this applies to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines but will monitor this carefully and update this guidance accordingly.


More information from the BHIVA website is available. Click or tap on the image below for the link to the relevant page.



i-Base have created some useful Q&As regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Click or tap on their logo below for the relevant page.




If you are concerned about your emotional well-being please call 020 8725 3140 and ask to speak to one of the Health Advisers. If you are already linked in with a Community Mental Health Team please contact them direct.


The mental health charity, Mind, have prepared a list of useful resources, as well as practical advice, for people who may be struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.


And it covers:

  • Practical advice for staying at home
  • Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing
  • Support for work, benefits and housing
  • Checklist for staying at home can be found on their website or simply click/tap on the logo here.

Psychology Tools have put together this guide to help you to manage your worry and anxiety in these uncertain times.

Click/tap on the image to view the guide.


More information about mental health support can be found here:

GOV.UK - New advice to support mental health coronavirus outbreak 

MENTALHEALTH.ORG.UK - Looking after your mental health during coronavirus outbreak


The following community organisations are providing online support or telephone counselling and advice on other issues arising from the lockdown. Tap/click on the logos below.


Living Well is providing a FREE mental health and wellbeing service for any Londoners from the HIV, LGBT+ or BAME communities who are over 18 and are struggling with the impact of the COVID restrictions, e.g. suffering from anxiety, loneliness or isolation.

Living Well’s CONNECT WELL provides a range of free online and telephone support, including: one-to-one life coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy; and online group sessions such as wellbeing workshops, qigong and art therapy. 

To be eligible for any of CONNECT WELL’s free support services, you must be 18 years or over, resident in London and be part of the LGBT+, HIV or BAME community. 

To find out more, register or refer someone to CONNECT WELL all you need do is click on following link and complete the relevant form and someone from the team will get in touch:



The mental health of most people has taken a hit at some point during the pandemic. The increased stresses of life during lockdown, especially for those shielding has really taken a toll on us all. If you are struggling, please remember you are not alone and 24/7 help is available wherever you live.

Togetherall provide resources on your phone to help tackle whatever issues are happening for you. There are online communities and forums, trained professionals, self-guided courses and much, much more. You can interact as much or as little as you like on the site. Visit their website for more by clicking/tapping on the logo.


Click or tap on the poster below.




The African Migrant Men Space provides a safe space for the specific needs of Black African migrant and refugee men. It is a space where men come together to chat about all topics that interest them, sports, family, politics, work, marriage with an opportunity to network, socialise, network and support one another in comfortable non-judgmental  environment.


What to expect:

  • Group Discussions (language support for Congolese and Somali men)
  • 1:1 free session with a male therapist
  • Peer to peer support
  • Networking
  • Support
  • Culturally appropriate service
  • Safe space

For more information call Oladapo on 07930 321097 or by email:



This Winter it is particularly important to look after your health. You are entitled to a free flu jab to protect you for this season. If your GP is unaware of your seropositive status, we have a letter you can give to them to ensure you can access your free jab, without your confidentiality being broken. We are making it possible for you to collect a letter from reception, upon request. It is also possible for the letter to be sent to your home address. We are unable to send it directly to your GP. 


More information about the flu vaccine from the NHS website can be seen here:



The Gay Men’s Health Collective (GMHC) is the umbrella for three beautifully proportioned independent volunteer-led projects for the health, sexual health, and well-being of gay and bisexual men. Click/tap on the logo.


We are trying to encourage people to start or increase exercise levels over the next few months as it has so many tangible benefits.


Exercise helps to: reduce stress levels, improve mood, regulate weight, build and tone muscles, reduce the chances of developing type-2 diabetes, reduce blood pressure, increase lung health and build strength to name just a few benefits.


The NHS has developed a 'Fitness Studio' where people can access guided exercises for strength training, bellydancing, aerobics and La Bomba. There are some gentle beginner level videos with 10-minute exercises to ease into movement and other videos offering full body workouts for 45 minutes. With exercise every little helps. It doesn't matter where you start, it just matters that you start.


Visit the NHS Fitness Studio website by clicking/tapping on the image above.

UK’s largest independent organisation that specialise in therapy services for people who identify as Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean. Their primary focus and area of expertise is to support people from these heritages. However, they are open to other People of Colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power. <click/tap on the their logo to visit their website>


Age UK Wandsworth recognises the effect that isolation and inactivity can have on people especially during this lockdown period. They have launched a new initiative called LBGTQ+ targeted at older LGBTQ people living in the borough to develop and maintain social contact with access support from a trained volunteer.


We are offering a new service for older LGBTQ+ residents who are feeling isolated and inactive.

Our specially trained LGBTQ+ volunteers can call at a convenient time to have a friendly chat and talk you through some gentle exercises to promote mobility. All exercises have been designed by a professional trainer and are desigjned to be fun and accessible, not telephone bootcamp!

Once COVID restrictions are lifted, the volunteer will be able to introduce you to other activities in the area, such as our new LGBTQ+ coffee morning.

If you think you might benefit from an Active Chat, please contact Rebecca on or 020 8877 8940.

Black History Month - Stories, Work and Opinions

Fast-Track Cities London and One Voice Network are marking Black History Month 2020 by documenting the stories, work and opinions of Black people living with HIV in London and the people and organisations supporting them. Click/tap on image.




Samuel Serunjogi is our resident Benefits and Housing adviser from Metro and he is available to support you during this time with any practical issues that you may need support with. Worried about your housing? Need help to apply for the benefits you might be entitled to? Job situation changed? Sam is your man and can be contacted by phone on: 07947 554843 or by email at:


Information about drug and alcohol services in Wandsworth can be found here:

For Information about taking drugs and harm reduction please click/tap below:


Are you struggling to explain to the children in your family just what the coronavirus pandemic is all about? There's an illustrative free information book that could be a solution and may help children to understand. Click or tap on the book cover to look inside.